Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

woot beat it :D

Nice game :D somewhat easy tho once you got the power-ups all the way :D other than that great game :D

toadtrip responds:

Thanks dude, adding another 15 levels!


Great Graphics, Great Quality, Great updated version of space invaders.


Great game with excellent graphics that looked like vector art but turned out to be pixels! One thing that I didn't quite like was that the game was relatively easy before the first boss. I got hit only once before he arrived and totally annihilated me. This sudden jump in difficulty came unexpected to me. Anyway I congratulate you on making this fun game. Two other minor complaints would be: 1)Between missions, the menu music didn't loop perfectly. 2)It gets a little repetitive after a while, but still a masterfully crafted game.


Incredible. A nice, and updated version of Space Invaders. The visuals were astounding, and the gameplay is just wicked, simple, but a challenge as well. Loved the no mercy bonuses. >.>


Great job.

amazing game dude

10 stars dude.. that was so fun and the graphics were really good too. But one thing u should change is make it that once u get hit, u dont lose health if u get hit right away,... u know what i mean right xD?