Reviews for "Life in the Portal"


Frekin loved it man. Brock is a really fun character. If I think of any good jokes I'll e-mail ya.

Will definitely watch this series

That has been me in a nutshell the past few days, lol. Everything is funny because it's true, and you conveyed it really well. I think that's why I laughed so hard at this. Great job! Hope to see more!

Ha ha!!!

That was good animation! Tom Fulp in the end was really funny ^_^
Keep your next episodes up guys!!! ^_^


Its been a long time since something on Newgrounds could make me laugh that hard. Seriously sonic stick fighter two is a realistic depiction of what a lot of people here do.

pretty funny

I liked the whole thing. The animation style was pretty good and I think it was drawn well. I think the idea is cool and that there are more episodes in it. I think the little brother character or whatever he is, was pretty funny. And was that tacoman in the background? Just noticed him as soon as the scene with Tom Fulp was over. Weird.

Samination responds:

Yes, I am pretty sure Tom Fulp has a Taco-Man statue.