Reviews for "Life in the Portal"

hey, at least this flash got front page

lol, that was pretty funny, and I would feel sorry for everyone losing to a Sonic stick figure flash. That would suck so much. Well even though he didn't get front page, at least this flash dd, lol. Well anyway, keep up the awesome work.

Pure greatness.

This is simply a funnier perspective of the wanna-be on Newgrounds who thinks that he can make it big. Also, the Tom Fulp parody at the end was excellent. However, the animation was a bit choppy. Overall, it's more than worth the time to watch.


poor tom lol


What did you rank it?
Makes poop look good.
lol 10/10 5/5

smack smack smack smack...............smmmmmmack

the animation was quirky but i've seen enough of your work to know its all good !!! loved buddy teasing his animator friend, as well as the tom / beard joke, just him talkin baby talk smack smack smack * pause * big smack, and the animation with it i lol'ed hardcore, you and egoraptor should do something together !!