Reviews for "Life in the Portal"

I sometimes wonder about this series, man.

Okay, this is episode 5 of Sonic Stickman. It's been a good, funny run, but I really think you gotta change shit up.

Can anything really top Sonic Stickman 3? No, I mean, we all shit ourselves at the part where Metal Sonic killed Cream for the Emerald. We all laughed at the shoop da whoop joke. Everyone got a good chuckle when Sonic mentioned the Weebl series.

But 4 and 5 have been lackluster. Did you really need so many titshots of Rogue in 4? It was funny at first, but I dunno man. That was probably the worst episode in the whole series.

Now 5 is out, and I can see why the BBS is so angry. You don't animate anymore. You rely on fanservice and terrible references to the Madness series. This one isn't as bad as 4 was, but it's close.

We need more Metal Sonic, less Rogue. Less (c)Rap music and more OC remixes. Why the cock jokes now? Bring back our shoop da whoop.

Otherwise, purely 5. Nothing else. You need serious work on this series before it becomes the next SMBZ.


PS: Stop the fanservice!

Loved it, but something strikes me as odd...

I love this flash, and can't wait to see more of it. However, how is it possible that in the background of the video, it showed the link for this video of newgrounds' front page? Did you edit the flash after it made front page?

lol XD

heres a joke for you from left 4 dead its summet i came up with when one of the other pricks was tring to shoot my friend judus (survivor) off the roof he slipped over the edge you see and then a hunter came and jumped on the prick and as i we ran away i shouted you got left for dead you prick XD


I cant wait to see more, great job!

So weird!

I as watching this episode and all of a sudden my beard started acting funny aswell fortunately for you mine was in a good way! :)