Reviews for "Life in the Portal"


Front page, tomorrow.
Count on it

This may be.....

The single greatest series to hit newgrounds....since awesome that is....or animation vs animator.......or there she is.....I cant think of anymore series...I know new window FTW.....or charlie the unicorn....or anything done by that guy.....or Brackenwood.....or tankmen.....hm idk if you can get better then tankmen....or fallen angel....because they made us wait 4 years for the first episode......bastards....or madness.....or retarded animal babies.....or salad fingures....ook im done haha

Samination responds:

Hope so! That would be awesome! Thanks.

That was entertaining!

Funny, and original!

It's a winner

Hey, Sam I can't say how much I have enjoyed your work so far and I can see this being no exception to that crazy head of yours. You have a great deal of material that you can go from since Newgrounds has so many different characters to enjoy. I think it would be interesting if you allowed your animation to reflect the mood of your piece more than become same old. I really enjoyed the sketchy feel but don't feel it always has to be the same.

I know anything you do will make me laugh all the more so keep us in stitches cause I know you will.


sam t knew that sounded familiar didnt you do snowy the frostman

Samination responds:

Yup. You're right... he does sound a little like Snowy! xD