Reviews for "Life in the Portal"

Sonic the Stickman still running rampant in the newgrounds streets.

Legit I wish you continued this, my favorite thing you've made along with the tacoman plays series.

Samination responds:

I don't think I could top the last episode, so I didn't try. Haha.

Haha Nice

In The Starting sequence in this, I think you hit it right on the nail from there you really get a feel of the whole flash piece, And I must say It was Absolutely a Treat. Nice job I love the voices and like the idea you went with here as it is somewhat true and the "TOM-SCENE" was pretty awsome too, really nice artwork here. This flash was pretty good and winning some awards at that so that deserves a high five and you deserve all that and more congradulations five times fold for the achievment awards. Ok so with This and that said here on a few things, I came to find that this submission was kinda nifty, But generally I found it to be a worth while of a flash movie, and I can see how you have put your efforts across the boards, and hope to see even more from you as this was a pleasent flash.

I have Always suggested a few tips and suggestions. on most things I review but have to say you really dont need any changes here as this one was just spot on and doesnt need anything in my opinion its just right.


Just out of curiousity... has tom fulp ever commented on this flash XD

Cos I want to see that comment XD