Reviews for "Life in the Portal"


He discovers About Whistles... And reports the wrong stuff winding up getting a trash whistle


Dubya was here.

Love the idea

My only problem is this amazing story is the characters are completly unlikable.
The brown haired pointly lip main character has the personality on a mentally challenged 5 year old could apperciate. But sure he can be watched with out major brain trauma.
The little blond shit head is the one that makes my hear drums pop. His lisp and his ass hole remarks...there needs to be a game where you can beat him up and or kill her.


Sorry for the title. Got to hyper at the moment. I love your work and I think your freakin funny as hell. Keep up the great work. I hope to be a match against you soon. =D


Ry was like "I've coveted in front page."
Brock was like "You probably got Turd of the Week."
Ry was like "I can't believe it. I-I've got 5th place!"
Brock was like "You got first."
Funny, isn't it?