Reviews for "Life in the Portal"

favorite line

Have you tried newgrounds? They like crap.

Also i noticed that when he checked the portal for the first time i saw madness agregation up

Hes a late starter! Still i started when madness abrogation came out like a month after r somethng

i got an idea

make one where he gets kicked of newgrounds and ends up owning newgrounds but wakes up and says motta fu then goes blank


"i still luv u little beard"

" I found this on YT by accisdent XD"

I want more, this mini flashes are the bomb XD, and yea i agree i want this little blonde kid, being shot raped( give more ideas below) XD any way good flash.

Must have taken some real restraint

One of the few flashes I've seen with Tom Fulp that doesn't feature him sucking a guy off.