Reviews for "Life in the Portal"


At least he's got resolve

Glad to see newgrounds related stuff on a vid, and even better nice to see some realism about some of the stuff you find, not the low grade stuff but the Ultra-troll/pathetic attempt stuff.

loves this series

how about newgrounds they like crap... and madness bomber where you a fan of youtube before NG by any chance

This is funny every time.

This was one of the first Newgrounds-related things I ever saw on Youtube. This is always funny, but Brock needs to lighten up a bit, and Ry REALLY needs to calm down. And the Sonic Scene? Did you really have to make fun of The Blue Blur?

It's still really funny though.

Speaking to Nerdguy41, Ebolaworld said he wasn't going to make anymore in Life in the Portal: Madness Day. So don't get your hopes up for a Robot Day Life in the Portal.


you should make one about robot day