Reviews for "Cat Face 8"

I really enjoy the catface

So I feel bad for giving it a low score
:( <-- me sadface

I gotta say though this just wasn't funny. Please make me love the silly catface more :'(

already seen

all the new episodes come out at the site long before here. support theweebl by going there

awesome btw!!

Very nice!

Everything was done very nicely and was very funny as usual. Enjoyed the animation, jokes, voice acting, and story.

I'm just happy to know I'm one of the very few people in these reviews that actually knows the butcher gave him the wrong video. Cat face even says himself "This is not for me". Oh people these days..

Great as usual, keep it up.


So Is HeStr8 or Gay... or Bi? WTF IS HE @_@!?!

This cartoon keeps getting better

This episode wasn't the funniest.
But I still loved it!
Is box cat ever going to come out?
The fullscreen is awesome.