Reviews for "Cat Face 8"

Another brilliant episode.

I love all of the different personalities of the characters you included in the video tape. My favorite part was when Cat Face said that the orange cat with glasses was more of Box Cat's type, that gag was hilarious. I also enjoyed the dog's antics, and (I can never understand the name, is it PussTom?) the black cat was a nice suprise to the episode. Another awesome episode.

Cat Face's chat with the other person on the telephone was highly entertaining. I do agree with the other person on the phone, Cat Face does need to pause whenever he is speaking. The male dating service part at the end was a great way to finish off the epsiode, but I didn't think Cat Face's lesson at the end was that funny. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Yet again, a winner

I love this series!
"Who doesn't?"
You keep them short and funny, you have enough characters that they don't get stale and you don't run gags into the ground. I'm definitely going to check out all your other shorts.


^_^ "i am definately not a dog and i would love to have u for dinner-i mean have dinner with u!" love that part!


funny luv da dog


funny one but, my favorite part has to be the dog "cat"