Reviews for "Cat Face 8"


Cat Face is a boy people. I want to say about is that this very Cute.

Good job.

These are just brill!

I've watched all of these cat faces a couple of times over, and for those wondering HE is a BOY. After mentioning getting even with the VET (hint) and that the video was full of boy cats, I have come to assume that HE is a MALE. So the series is really good, watch all of his work! Like Weebl and Bob and On the Moon!

Buh Bye!

A Certain Twist in the Plot?

Is Cat Face a Girl, or simply a homosexual? The fact that a cat in the video referenced 'Lucky Ladies' suggests that Cat Face is actually a Girl, however from the beginning, I assumed Cat Face was a boy.

Keep it up.


anyways I dont have time for this... IM A CAT! We are really busyyyy...

i think this might be the best thing on newgrounds

This whole series OWNES