Reviews for "Cat Face 8"

Do not wory catface!

There's no need to feel unloved, we all love you still Catface. Great animation, made me giggle from time to time. :-3 I hope to se more of this.

With greetings from Big Ed aka kuzzeddie.


always loved


Nice, funny vid


I dare say Cat Face is growing on me. The first time I heard the introductory song, I couldn't really believe what I was listening to. I wanted to compare it to many things but couldn't find anything that wasn't made by you to compare it with. In terms of episodic content, some of it is still a little too obvious, but alot of the humour I find similar to Aardman animations. Which is a good thing, obviously.
Still, I find myself waiting for that real clincher of a joke that's going to make the whole thing worthwhile, but I'm not sure if I'm ever going to find it.

Catface is always funny.

Also, how come Catface sounds like a Mighty Boosh character? Catface sounds like he is being voiced by Noel Fielding.