Reviews for "What I saw on Newgrounds"

I wonder whats on ng today? oh no dicks!!!!

Kinda funny but the anime stock expressions here kinda tainted your more personal drawing style here.

Look at the expressions at other people such as when your watching a movie that is shocking your friends.

Real people make much funnier faces when they are shocked and the whole whites of the eyes and no pupils in anime is an exaggeration of this actual facial expression people use.

Once you understand how overused the stock facial expressions of the shocked eyes and anime happy eyes than you will understand that there is funnier ways to draw these emotions.

animate there eyes moving somewhat and there face twitching as there emotions change.

On the last frame there is a gap left open around your characters hair and we can see part of the background through him.

Take the time to actually fill in that gap because while most people take gap free coloring for granted.

They do notice when you leave gaps open.

and i like the little message that we should all be aware of what were watching before complaining since sometimes there are warning signs that you'll end up seeing something you don't want to see.

I kinda watch stuff i have no interest in seeing because of boredom and curiosity.

In closing a decent submission that is under 50kb in file size.


LegatoSkyheart responds:

Thank you for this comment! I will consider this advice for Future flashes! perhaps the reason I used that expresion is because I see it alot.

"I wonder what's on Newgrounds today."

That's what I say everytime I get on the computer.