Reviews for "Castle Repercussions - A"

PRIVITE RAY!!!!! More like colonel ray for surviving the third castle!!

this thing had me at the edge of my seat!!!

What the HELL FUCKING Happend to lylod

This is by far the most suspenseful installment in the series, at least thus far. The tension and creepiness of the first chapter of "Repercussions" sits with you for a bit afterwards. I can't wait to see the next part.

A nice change in colors comes in at the beginning, with more oranges and blues versus the usual red on black lighting. The world feels a little more alive and hopeful, though we still understand there is a distinct LACK of resources. The opening is great, although damaged a little by the overly dramatic music. If a soft piano had been played it would've made the moment when we see Ray's face for the first time more poignant, or even no music at all in order to establish a contrast between the life of the scene and the lifelessness of the world around the mystery character in the beginning.

As for Ray himself, he is arguably the most compelling character in the "Castle" series. He's the regular soldier, a guy cartoons, and shows in general, rarely ever delve into. And because of that, even though he's clearly a soldier, he has a sort of innocence about him. It's strange. When he was afraid, or under attack, I genuinely felt for him and wanted him to get the HELL out of there. And whoever did the voice work on him was spot on in terms of delivery.

The moment when Ray awakens is really creepy, and that feeling remains throughout this entire installment. The only other problem I had was REALLY minor, so much so that I feel getting into it might be considered pointless by some. But it matters to me, so I'll mention it: the way "Private Ray Williams" comes before the main title bothers me. I don't know why, but it does. That little thing doesn't in any way detract from a 5 star rating, it's just something I found a little annoying.

Other than that, FANTASTIC work! I hope the rest is just as good.