Reviews for "At Heaven's Gates"

Haha, that's really funny

Really good graphics and damn good punch line, seriously. Who would have guessed?!


I love your work Hans XD this was fkn funny



fucking great writing I must say!

I loved this little thing. I had always wondered when someone would make a movie related to the topic of church vs gays.

The phisical expressions were truly great by the way.

Overall, great job.

Oh and congratgulations on getting some brand new (and good) voice actors to do the job. Its always realy nice to see flash animators give a shot to new guys instead of going for the couple of more welll known V.a.s.

good job to you guys tho

AlmightyHans responds:

they aren't new voice actors :p

If it is Catholics only, then I'll get in.

This was a pretty funny flash. I really like the animation style, it is very creative. The voices were hilarious, I was entertained the entire time. Heck, I even thought the preloader was awesome. The voice the guy used at the end when he was shouting was hysterical. Great work you guys, keep up the great work!

I loved all of it

First of all, your drawing style is something I somewhat envy. In all your other animations, including this one, your style is original and not a rip off of japanese anime. Not only is your drawing good, but your sense of humour is not limited to cursing constantly and constant slap stick. The sarcasm is brilliant and I just had to show it to all my friends. The jokes are... mundane (?) but the delivery makes them hilarious. The ending was just perfect, and it all flowed together to make a perfect animation.

AlmightyHans responds:

wow, thanks dude!