Reviews for "At Heaven's Gates"


Ha. that was funny. X3


i totaly get it compleatly


i can imagine a guy in a bar, telling this story as an excuse for not coming to terms with the fact that he is gay and his friends in the bar getting confused and going along with it. HANS, IF NEWGROUNDS WERE GOD, YOU ARE HIS ONLY SON


This whole flash has some pretty well timed and funny dialogue, though it's unfortunate that others are taking this the wrong way. I think the issue is that they're looking too far into it; in my opinion it's just a short, innocent joke meant to point out some of the controversies of the Bible, though I'm not sure of what you think of that.

The one thing that completely won it over for me was your choice on placing the Josh Groban song in the background of the flash. It was so hilariously unfitting to the subject matter that it made this 10x funnier.

AlmightyHans responds:

the whole deal with this cartoon is that people tend to pick sides in an arguement. I tried to create this controversial thing that seems like it's picking sides but due to the circumstances it really is just making fun of every aspect. gays, religion, justice, right and wrong. i almost wanted to spark a policitcal actist, or conservative response to this as if it were trying to say something. but in the end, this cartoon is just making fun of all aspects of the situation.

basically, it seems like a situation that is trying to side with one end. but it's not actually siding with anything. just making a situation.

i dunno why i had to spill the beans there.


hans IS almighy