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Reviews for "Resident Evil ZOMFG"


jajajjajaa hahahahah xD!!!
muy buena parodia aunke no me gustaron tanto los sonidos >< pues se eschuchaban MEDIO raro per todo lo demas esta genial xD!!!
gracias por hacerlo en español e ingles xD!!!
i would like the audio in spanish but is ok the way it is ^^
i liked a lot 5/5 10/10
keep it going dude

Tyrantastorga6 responds:

Jeje gracias, lo viste en español? Por que cuando yo lo ponia en español, el flash empezaba desde cualquier punto de la pelicula excepto el intro... a ti te funciono correctamente en español, si es qe lo viste en spanish xd? Aunque ya edite el flash y solo esta disponible en ingles, tal vez suba otro en español. Pero es mucho trabajo y llevo un mes y medio haciendo esto xD
Jeje y gracias por apoyar el flash ^^


its really impressive for a first flash, keep up the good work we cat wait for the next ones n_n

Tyrantastorga6 responds:



even the animation was crappy, it was hella funnny with a appearance of snake, barney, nemsis and tyrrant :) good job

Tyrantastorga6 responds:

hehe thanks, I have to agree, the animation is a shit at the first 3 chapters cause this is my first animation xD Thank you ^^

Good, for a begginer!

Apart from being very slow in the beggining and some terrible animation, its the second half that made me keep watching this. Just like ellebirdy23 said, that bullet ricochet screen actually made me laugh a little. I also liked the cameo appearances from many other characters (I think I saw the guy from texas chainsaw massacre in there somewhere)

Did you make that helicopter scene a few weeks after you made the first half of the movie? It was pretty well animated for a beginner.

As a first flash I rate this 6/10 Due to the first half and second half of this movie being different.

Tyrantastorga6 responds:

Hehe yeah, I made the first 3 scenes of the movie some weeks before making the last one, you can see that because the animating skills are different in ''Escape'' than in the other 3 scenes, yeah that's because the helicopter is better animated, I think I will remake the first 3 scenes so the animation is better. Thank you


Not bad. I liked the part where the bullet was ricocheting off the walls and a duplicate of the main character randomly appeared. One thing, though: in some places you used Dynamic Text instead of Static Text by mistake; that's why it's thicker and can be selected with the mouse. The first one was actually a little harder to read because of that. Might want to fix it and re-upload.

Tyrantastorga6 responds:

Yeah, I fixed something right now, I deleted the Spanish version cause I noticed that when clicking ''CONTINUE TO THE MOVIE'' it randomly appeared in another scene from any of the chapters, and not in the intro. And yeah, I will fix the first text of the movie maybe. Not today cause I've been workin on this all day long xD But thank you for the support and the recommendations ^^