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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

I'd actually have to say that suddle won this one. When SJD's first verse started, I found myself asking whether or not he had actually started, or if he was just mid-song bantering. Confusing stuff. Also, I feel like suddle had a lot more aggression, while SJD was just being super casual about it.

SJD gets my respect, but Suddle for the advance.

Suddle V1 - Nice diss with scene chicks, suck ass line is filler but really funny. Too many girl disses, lack of good music is a strong finisher.

Senator V1 - Feedback line is funny, immediate song diss, chode line is tasteless. Stalking the grocer is decent. Pissed old man is a nice rhyme but filler. Redundant personal is strong.

Suddle V2 - Cream-filled is nice. Pissed old man is an okay flip, dubhop diss is okay. A bit more filler here and there but you sound nice as fuck even spitting doubletime, lots of power behind the delivery. The got a deal line was another strong finisher.

Senator V2 - Dubhop flip is decent. Passed you in month four is nice, pizza flip is entertaining as well. Pretty generic fat jokes from here on out. Outro is... Interesting.

Kind of hard to pick. There was a lot of filler in this battle. I feel like Senator came with more charisma but Suddle's verses were actually written with the intent of swaying listeners to take his position. I want to vote Suddle but I also feel like I value his bars more simply because I don't really like SJD.

lol i dont none of these peeps, but it's was funny.. lol.. kewl raps...

SJD to advance. We don't need suddle's "swag swag faggot" rapping in the finals.

SudV1: white scene chicks+++, suck ass repetition+, singing off key+++, song for the haters+
SJDV1: feedback+, pissed old man+, bleed over+
SudV2: cream filled+++, repetitive garbage+
SJDV2: flagrant desperation+, returning crickets+, dat ending+
Vote goes to sudbubble: 12-6 Love.

I'm proud that my battle got SJD to think suddle is fat. Suddle will probably have to deal with fatjokes in battles forever now, lawl.