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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

SJD fucking dominated the shit out of Suddle. Sud's first verse shows that he either underestimated Senator or has just lost all interest in this competition. Either way he's always been a sleepy ass sounding, REPETITIVE FLOW havin', generic ass bitch. Now cue Bill and Rav's autovotes.

Suddle stepped it up in his 2nd verse, but the greatest verse in history couldn't make up for his first 16.

Senator brought the heat in both verses and was creative with his flow during the parts he didn't actually have a beat to rap over (seriously, what is with that?).

SJD for the advance.

Well, suddle's first verse was average. SJD went berserk and murked him.
Then suddle's 2nd verse killed SJD. And SJD responded with a verse that I'm not really a big fan of.

I really like Suddle's 2nd verse. But his first verse was lame. So this is pretty much tied.

But I'll give it to SJD for the slight edge for the win.

I'd actually have to say that suddle won this one. When SJD's first verse started, I found myself asking whether or not he had actually started, or if he was just mid-song bantering. Confusing stuff. Also, I feel like suddle had a lot more aggression, while SJD was just being super casual about it.

SJD gets my respect, but Suddle for the advance.

For me its Senator no offense