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Reviews for "CLAB - Suddle vs Senator"

SJD killed suddle... nuff said

SJD all the way Suddle didnt bring enough heat to even make SJD sweat SJD to advance

Suddlenuance lines part 1:

I really mean it/beatin it to white scene chick/hard as (see)ment/hard as semen/drownin from ya weakness - +++
farfetched/open ya girl's pussy/far stretched/inside of it a full apartment/move in free/pardon me - ++
suck ass/suck ass - 0
sorry for cussin/redundant/important for discussion - ++
chopped ya bitch up/she's dead before my car/everywhere like you singin off/key - +
embarrassing and stupid/lack of good music - ++

SenatorJohnDean lines part 1:

mike feedback/fix dat - +
eminem clone writin songs bout killin bitches that you can't date/ridiculous premises psh - +
you possum/pop up your copy and wocka flocka - +
ripped her chode off/stitches in her puss make her pelvis look like a football - ++
and i'm grosser/fat ass quit stalkin the grocer - ++
instagram/dodgin yo pissed ol man - +
repetitive vulgarity/borin to hell from me - +
every twinkie he finds/bleed over yo rhymes - +

Suddlenuance lines part 2:

different people/cream filled - +
pissed ol man/talk about instagram/call my hand/watch him stand - +
push the limits of thug pop/garbage called dubhop - +++
crickets heard day shit crack/ take ya shit back - +
ain't nobody buyin/ain't nobody listenin'/ain't nobody tryin' to bump this in they system - ++
whack you are/saddest part - +
20k views what the fuck do you got/no wonder you drop - +

SenatorJohnDean lines part 2:

straight copy of what Jakobe wrote/flagrant desperation bro - +
vote for dat faggotry/doesn't wanna see a final that matters - +
20,000 plays in four years/pardon me these crickets are yours - ++
call me pizza hut/flip his whole shit in six bars/shouldn't mention pizza round somebody this large - ++++
Lies and innuendo/fries, super nintendo/simple rhymes smokin endo/wow you win at life oh wait you don't - +
life so empty that he sits around with his virgin circlejerkin friends discussin the senator's business - ++
dug rampant/heartattack pamphlet - ++
trailer park/gurgle farts - +

Total from Suddlenuance - +20, one 0
Total from SenatorJohnDean - +24, no 0's

Better flow - Suddlenuance, +
Better delivery - Suddlenuance, + (SJD would have won this if he hadn't sounded like he was gonna laugh at his own lines near the end)
Better rhyme scheme - Suddlenuance, +
Better closes - Suddlenuance, +

Total - Suddlenuance +24, SenatorJohnDean +24

SenatorJohnDean for the advance because he had a ++++ punch no 0's and suddle had one 0. Close battle!

Senator on this one. Great flows.

SJD by a longshot.