Reviews for "In Solitude"

Wonderful music

I really liked this piece. The music was fantastic; it had a solemn, yet enchanting tone. I felt that the movie was displaying the music the most, and that the animation itself was just an add-on. This isn't to say the animation wasn't good, but the music was just that great. As for the animation itself, I liked how you tied in all the people together into one scene at the end.

My only problem would be that in the first scene with the phone man...YOU CUT OFF HIS LEGS YOU FIEND. In case you hadn't noticed.

I loved it

It's a flash that makes you think, I enjoyed it. 10/10


Finally some talent around here. Really great work, very thought out and arranged. Excellent music choice, and very original overall animation. Keep it up.

Loved it =D

I loved the music in the background it really fit well and the animation was amazing =D


silent ducking, no one is that stupid. You obviously want to put it on youtube or some other site. ANyways, I liked it a lot but their needs to be a happier ending--sequel perhaps?