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Reviews for "In Solitude"

In Solitude, Are You Truely Alone?

What a beautiful piece of work you have contrived Mr.WoodTick. Such simple animations with little to no detailed movement depicting the very basic ideology of loneliness. Coupled with a superbly eerie soundtrack and a killer ending tag line, it's no surprise this was front paged so quickly. A vote of 5 and 10 stars across the board. I hope to see more spectacular work from you soon, as do the rest of Newgrounds. =^-^=

Well done.

Wow, I can so relate to that. The animation and music is very well done. The whole thing flowed together very smoothly. The ending showing them all together was a nice touch also. Good work.

Very well done

The animation was very nice and the film itself was quite moving. Good work on the music as well, I really enjoyed it.

It was interesting

It also sent a message that all of us have to listen out for.
ithought about sharin dis with my friend, but i changed my mind. She's not THAT ignorent!
So, ya, it was very good, you couldnt have added more stuff like VIOLENCE or talking or anything, cause thats what people in Solitude go through, loneliness.
And ya i too noticed the guy didnt have any LEGS!


felt nostalgic just to watch.

The entire music made quite a job. Waltz always reminds me of solitude.... Some sort of problem!

Good job with the animation. I loved the structure as it was made! Congratulations!