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Reviews for "Street Fightenz!!!!!!!!"


its rated everyone yet it swears

It made me lol

Achievement unlocked: Holy shit!! LOL. He beat the hell outta that little furry creature, not sure what it was, not sure that I care either! XD

achievment unlocked

holy shit


It wasn't very good, you should've put more effort and time into this piece .


That was bad. Here are some constructive comments, so this review won't get deleted.

First off, animation. All tweens. Tweens aren't a problem, they can be a real help, but you should have fbf. There was none. Some animators, like kol-belov, they can only tween and still make good movies. You are not kol belov. This movie wasn't anything special. You tweened some stuff around. Plus it wasn't very funny, and having the person watching at the end is not very original. Plus the art wasn't good, especially the 360 achievement. Well thats all, I was constructive, see?