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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"


i really thought "hey this is a nice game. the bombs are a bit annoying, it really sucks that there isn't THE FAMOUS TETRIS THEME" ... and then ... yay

fucking first april. on first april everyone who isn't funny the rest of the year tries to be funny.

Honorable Chairman -RoG-

I'm so thankful you work hard on Tetris game to feed People's Republic of Africa. Children are starving so much over there and we only have enough Orange Chicken to give out. You are most noble and honorable Chairman -Rog-!

I like Tetris

but me not so super happy about help starving kid,. how many kid are capitalist pig???? you no say. and they r starving so they all must be capitalists. PLEASE PERSON DO NOT LEVEL 3 let capitalist pig die.

Thank you.

Good one RoG


Real Funny

You got some nice bubbleman in there