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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"


Seems like those children have already been condemed to extinction ...

Otherwise; it's a nice game - and the 3rd music choice is hilarious!

No amount of flipping...

No matter how hard I tried, I could find nowhere to put Andre the Giant after I placed my upside down octorok. And a village starves. :(

It's okay though, it's just crappy Nelwyn Village from Willow.

Screw em, they can eat magic acorns.


WTF this is the most funny kind of tetris game ive ever played
but its hard when u get random things instead of blocks. still funny :D


i laughed so hard at this, AWESOME idea, all the fives and tens are belong to you!

congratz, we need more people good like you at heart and at flash skills!


whow that was really a revolution of gameplay liked the "r-type" very much :D

a and i made it to level 3 so could you please save that fillage ? XDD