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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"


in the middle of level 2,its almost IMPOSSIBLE to win....so only 9 for you


The tetris I have on my TETRIS console (or whatever is called) is still way better than this. That bomb guy is annoying, it destroys all that stuff I built all the time, so it's almost impossible to do anything because as soon as I get close to getting a row done, he comes around and messes everything up... The keys are not really responsive either, for example, in the original tetris, you could press the right key to move a block to the right, and the block would move as long as you kept the Right key down. Whereas here, you need to press it 10 times to move it 10 pixels to the right for example.


Smooth. :)

Thanks for your great contribution to charity. Your family will be proud.

Game kicks ass. Period.

The game was very retro and had a strang nostalgia towards it, Until the randomness got into it. :P Overall the game kicked so much ass it could tie with chuck norris.

Btw, to that person who was complaining, it's not OMFG serious, it's just your too serious about it, cheer the fuck up jesus christ...

This game was hilarious.

And R-Type is the shit.