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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"

not so srs.

Well, this game doesn´t rly takes it self serious. thats not bad I just want to say
this game mixes Humor+a li´l gameplay+ and even more humor.
i mean just the idea " R-TYPE.... A-type" , or the 2nd music,wow.
i give just 9/10 because... i want just a single damn game with tetris theme.


Nice one

Nice Tetris game/prank that made me laugh. Level 1 was easy (although slow), but Level 2 made me crack up once I saw the random sprites falling from the sky.
All jokes aside, nice game with smooth animations and gameplay, the "R-Type" mode was awesome to play. Great piece of work!


the sad thing was that i was really looking forward to playing some tetris...


Yes. Amazing game. i was like "lets c what these people r complaining about" then i c these bomb dropping and im like ok i can pass this. and then end of lvl two WTF lmao. aww man love pissen people off huh. LOL

donate a dollar

I made it to level 7