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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"


I never knew there was this many idiots on Newgrounds. I mean c'mon, it's supposed to be a joke! It it was real, there wouldn't be (lamp oil, rope,) bombs, character blocks, "r-type tetris" and song selection, now would there?
Hilarious game Mockery, third music track is hilarious.


I don't know what's funnier - the game itself or the comments from the irate twits.


Why did you put a row of characters? I can take a joke but what??? Overall good game but leave the jokes some where else.

gay game

you made me sad and mad when you made when you put non row clearing characters, and put up a sprite background of starved to death children. Go to Hell.

wait a minute

i got to level 2 and after i made some lines, some characters started to appear