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Reviews for "Tetris: Charity Edition!"

10/10 - music 2
nvm I take it back when this game start giving me gaming character sprites and confuses da shit out of me. I have no choice but to give this game a 11/10


Well here was an interesting game I like the game of Tetris and this was pretty good even the music was notbad but would have liked something more closer to Tetris the controls were not as smooth as I would have liked but still this was something ok and not too bad but anyways still a decent game and I liked what I played here it's always fun playing Tetris too anyways nice work hope you make more like this

Some fancy effects on some changes of the game would be nice


This game is kinda weird. It's just Tetris until 17 lines, when these weird things. The controls are horrible, and so is the speed. I think this should be removed.

a poor parody. seriously, if you want to make a decent mockery, make t so its not PDP-10 slow, okay?

i'm surprised at how many people don't get this was a troll, it was uploaded and front paged on april first for goodness sakes.

anyway before the troll happens it does have good gameplay and the song may not be classic tetris it's still nice to listen to.