Reviews for "Tiananmen Square"

Tiananmen Square...

probably isn't something to make light of but I laughed my ass off, which seemed appropriate since you know lmao has Mao in it.


Reminds me of Frogger.


i was singing 'Hypnotize' by SOAD all the while. lol

It arot rike Flroggah

Gehm remind me much of ord gehm, Flroggah, wheech I fahst plray rhen I was rittoo boy. Rery nostarugic, rery simpoo, but could do wid moar medal. And yes, Chairman Mao big doodie-head. Same as Ganon.
(DISCLAIMER: No offense was meant by any of the "Mock-Chinese" used in this review.)

I rike a rot

Rearry good game man!