Reviews for "Tiananmen Square"

It's an april fools prank people...

This is a very elaborate prank pulled by newgrounds and it obviously worked on the majority of users... Hilarious and well done newgrounds, well done.. lol

Commies have never been this much fun!

Great musics and the tanks lloked funny. Best part might have been when Mao laughed at me when I failed xD

not bad... kinda good

as shitty as it looks its kinda fun after a while. but prety good but i dont look forward in seeing a sequel.

Actually, It's pretty fun!

Yeah it was fun.
I enjoyed it, I always liked 8/16 bit games, and the game
itself is fun.


unfortunatly this game sucks

the gameplay was just really bad- Running across the screen dodging things... its been done more times than i can even count. Clearly your emphasis on the fun aspect of the game was of little importance. What you were trying to do was make this funny or something. The flash section is a great place to display your sense of humor. However, when i go to the game section i expect to play something fun.