Reviews for "Tiananmen Square"

too easy

and need more medals

Shut up.

Okay, very original.

Oh and lets be honest guys, if your looking for material that is not offensive don't go on newgrounds.

This is the site that was founded on "clubing" seals for god sake!

Quite offensive really

I can picture it now. When they made this game they said to themselves "I know lets take one of the most iconic images of the 20th century and mix it with frogger, it'll be really cool."

Well it's not cool, clever or even funny. It's offensive to those who stood up to the chinese military and paid the ultimate price.

Man I suc

So What do I do to get that medal, and whos picture of that chinese guy in red when you get game over.

i have the medall

so why continue playing it? sorry, but i find it not funny. its lame.