Reviews for "Tiananmen Square"

Best Frogger Clone/Political Satire I've ever seen

This was fun time waster that reminded me of classic Frogger gameplay, but it also taught something: Freedom is something to be treasured and that life in China is way harder than it is here in the U.S.A.

Thank you for opening my eyes, Dong and Mike. God bless the both of you and your wacky shenanigans!

Nice game but...

Is Wave 5 even beatable? o.O


nya! thats my favorite music theme!

is a shit

too easy and one medal buuu

not bad

it's just like dragon's layer because when you touch the fence, it kills you; in dragon's layer, touching the gate kills you. The game isn't that fun to be honest; one game over and I'm already bored. If this wasn't a frogger game but a platform or some shit, I don't think it will be as 'not fun' you know what I'm saying? Oh and visit my channel if you support gay marriage... lol just kidding.