Reviews for "Tiananmen Square"

games ok but otherwise make it harder

Game's okay. It plays like frogger but the control felt a bit sluggish and slow. But the music and presentation were all decent. One thing that was annoying was the precision of getting in the holes bc if you touch the fence, you die which is stupid.

these waves for this game are beatable. the medal was easy to get
Awesome job. Peace


i like the concept of the game just wish you would of added more medals

Cute and entertaining frogger game

haha ok so took abit of time understanding the game but in the end it was a "FROGGER" style game notbad at all kinda fun in the communist style i suppose, lol, the music was pretty cute aswell, and doesnt get boring, now there only being one medal was lacking as you could have more medals for harder waves and such, but for the mostpart this was pretty fun and entertaining game not just a clone of frogger but you gave it some fun value so awsome job there, so as improving on this one as suggested more medal options in the waves, other then that it was great.

more medal options as suggested above

fun frogger like clone