Reviews for "super sweatshop mastar"

Mmmmmm... nostalgia

Any one every played the Alien Homonid on PS2? Its a tribute to a mini game in it, only in game it was a Russian missle guidance system. As a tribute it's great, though the whole 3 birds on screen with no way to dodge is annoying.

I must be honest!!!

This game real sucks
there are times when you get
caught by the three of the sides
up, down and in the middle
and it´s impossible to evade
i don´t get the point to
play this except:
for the medals
and i don´t know
for what the fuck are they

Listen Up

To all the medal whores out there:

The goal of this game is to hit the American Flag and nothing else. Things that will get in the way of doing this are:

Planes - Fly in a straight line at you
Helicopters - Fly on an angle forever
Birds - Fly on an angle, but will BOUNCE BACK when they reach the upper or lower limits

Yes, they are white, same as the clouds. But once you see their flight path, you don't have to be Donald Duck in Mathamagic Land to guess where they're going and successfully avoid them. There are no instructions, and the 8 bit graphics/sound are because Nene was deported and she made this in China.

Two things I would change, though:

Random spawning - make a safe zone when you start a new level. It's been said before but it's not sporting when an enemy hits you before you can move.

Front/back movement - there are some instances where the shoe is so big a single bird can take it out with the right angle and you have nowhere to move (up/down) that won't kill you.

The challenge is in the achievements, but honestly, that's the only reason I would play this game more than once.


I fail the game right after I pass the American flag, not even 500km :O

Hard like cock.

It's got to be one of the most difficult games I've ever played. Even though the gameplay is simple, it's hard.
Nice game otherwise, one of my faves.