Reviews for "super sweatshop mastar"

Super Boring

Let me see if I understand the concept of this game... I am a giant shoe trying to avoid obstacles like birds and planes in order to reach the United States? That isn't funny, it isn't creative and it isn't amusing at all!

Moving on, the controls are decent (gee, you'd have to be a real moron to screw THAT up) but how about the ability to move forward and backwards to help avoid obstacles? Or, at the very least, GIVE THE OBSTACLES A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE CLOUDS TO HELP DISTINGUISH THEM!

There, was nothing special about this game. No amazing graphics, animation or any good music. Newgrounds has so many better things to offer. And I don't see why I should put effort to give you a good rating if you're not going to put effort to make a decent flash game.

2/10 for at least making it a game with a purpose.

PS: If Bush was still in office, he'd probably ban this game!


crash into america/u.s it shws a guy chuckin a spaz then u start anotha level with hia kms

real hard

tri 2 make sumtin a bit eazir



Mehh, is there supposed to only be 3 levels?

Sorry, it was fun flying aroundas a giant shoe, though I thought it was way to easy, and to short. I couldn't get achievements because the game ended at 562 km I think. Is this supposed to be?How do I get any further, without fat jumpy lee guy stopping me?