Reviews for "Hammer 'n' Sickle"


Funny joke :) I liked it. A bit Immature, but I still found it humorous.
You're going to get a lot more comments from ignorant people right now. Some are just jerks who aren't willing to accept that China has come so far and accomplished so much in a short time. I honestly can't wait to go back there and teach again.
Your country is great and the people are fantastic :) don't let the ignorance of this country stop you from making these cartoons.


tom stop scaring away your american supporters, change it back

nice one

Funny. It looks something like the Russian symbol. Wait did "he" kill "her"... O GOD... O God... Giggity,Giggity,Giggity,Goo.All right.

tom, stop

please change it back, this shit is to much


Fine. I was done anyway