Reviews for "Hammer 'n' Sickle"


it was kinda stupid and had dumb humor. I guess it's funny if your in 6th grade.

Once again, wow

I should have seen that coming XD

Pretty good

And that's how the idea of the hammer and sickle was formed

...But the sickle in that sign died also from AIDs.

I generally dislike Shapes on a Grey Line

However, this video nearly made me laugh my ass out. Would have, if I weren't so damned tired.

The animation's...well...It's shapes, minus the gray line. But it makes about as clever a use of those shapes as can be done, I think, along with making a nice little jab at the Peoples' Republic.

The audio's excellent and fits the toon perfectly. Great work by the voice talent.

That said, the animation and voice work would not be able to stand on their own. They need each other, else you'd just wind up with animation that made no sense and an audio track that just comes off as a recording of a guy hitting on a castrato. Put the two together, though, and you've actually got something that comes close to genius.


Much like shapes, sprites and stick-men can be good. It's more a matter of how they're put together than a result of what they are in and of themselves. ;-)


Soviet Union + Peoples Republic of China= I dont know anymore.
Hammer + Sickle = Congratulation, you have baby communism. :)