Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"


i liked that a lot. mde me laff. XD "i like chinese they only come to your knees." lol

I like this flash!

An amazing flash with an amazing song. 10/10 :D

nice vid

i give you 10 +\
for the comment on the vids
BUT i give Chairman Fulp fulp FREAKING - 1000 to put this darn chinees THE STATE on NON OF MY VIDEO`S (favs) ARE WORKING ! i cant even put freaking messag in rice paddy how love is that!
i dont like this chinees stuff i dont welcome them I love them!
(well not chinees but there rules ec)
Chairman Fulp, IF you read this?!?! THIS IS love! i dont like it and you not gonna lose not only me! but ALOT of ppl! UNLESS you put it in way is was!
darn dude....


Lol this is great, catchy and really matches the new layout

man this is awesome

montypython made the song. you made it beter!