Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"


its okay, not bad, im a Chinese btw xD
i like the part "and they only come up to ur knees"
haha made me laugh.

anyway i've seen Chinese people at 2m plus which is around 6 feet 5 :P

not bad, i expected u to speak mandarin in it tho hehs.


racist as all hell....
no its not lol!

but anyway theres and australian ad that still goes around for a chinese owned business called bing lee and hes uses the same tune but instead of chinese its "big lee" ....its retarded i know but thats what it is :P


ok, the great wall of china was in accuratly drawn, the sence with all the chinese was horible, the song was uterly offensive, and ... what... what do you mean.... shit...

ok, well I geuss I completly screwed that up. I was just informed that yesturday was april fools day, so the prank of giveing a high score and then critizing...

oh well, It was acctually really fun and I can't say anything bad about it, so great job

You got the hats wrong

But it doesn't matter! That song is FANTASTIC, and your drawings were pretty well done too!

Lol'd me!

This was very hilarious, the song was catchy.

Good work.4/5 8/10!