Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"

Worth a Chuckle

Ha i thought this was humorous.


this is excellant for a first timer


Both the animation and the song were funny, good job.

so what

if you like chines i like japanes for all the goge bushes out there not the same you shitface but they have animays and monga and all the hentai you can watch and read so chn chong to that

aww, little power to the little people!

"I like Chinese" too. The waitors ARE very polite; it's all true!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to hire a Chinese person to just hang around my house all day, kind of like the old Pink Panther movies, with Kato. Perhaps now I shall get someone named Kato...

This is a great flash, I think you have enormous potential in this field style of animation. Great job! 10 outa 10