Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"


I've listened to this about 400 times since April 1st, and sing it on Halo 3 all of the time (to the dismay of my fellow players). I'd like to say thank you (for a better version) and don't be upset, but I didn't really like the graphics intensive - at times - animation, it could be improved, as well as the quality of your drawings? I mean, the first time the whole thing was kind of funny, then I just listened to the song - the song which wasn't yours to begin with, showing a lack of effort or talent? Sorry for the change of tone throughout this, but I'm still drunk from last night/this morning :D (The being drunk really didn't help with the singing on Halo 3, but fuck I'm good!)


Very very good! Brought a smile to my face watching it, and i'ts especially good considering its your first time! wow! well done!!


That was terrible, can I get a refund on the last 2mins of my life? I kept my receipt.


Yeah i`m chineese.

Very Funny...

The song was very funny and the animation was okay.
But, I thought those little trees, known as bonsai trees were from japan.