Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"

interesting, but...

Whats with everything bring blacked because "it promotes social disorder"? seriously, is it going to be like this permanatley now?


I love how America is made fun of it's culture, but yet all the young boys and girls in every other country want to be just like us.


It's all aapril fooolss. If you try to type that out normal, it replaces it with china rules. Oh god. I haate this.


yea yea... good for newgrounds they got China to unblock them. But this had better not affect newgrounds as a whole. I don't wanna see a bunch of mediocre animations that are put on the front page just to cater to the Chinese.

I'm chinese and I'm already sick of all the poor submissions and terri-bad english

so.... chinese uhu?

ok i must admit it was funny,
but still what is this all about chinese thing?
im starting to feel freaked out