Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"

I! LIke CHinese!

Great work.FOr this,you get,10 STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good, cute.

It was good, cute, moderate graphics. Im sure it took a while to make so good job for getting it out there.

I like this movie

I guess 6 stars is enough for a cute little submission like this one. :) Higher ranks are reserved for bigger, more serious projects so don't be sad :P

Yes, it was cute. What I really liked was the catchy tune of "I like Chine~~ese". I guess there's nothing really about the content nor the technique to say as it is more like a quick small entry. ;)
But wasn't chess invented by some Arabic guys? Oo I know there is an Asian version of chess, what is it called... Shougo or something like that? รดรด Can't remember. I shall seek wisdom on google. But those two sorts of chess can't be really compared, can they? At least they don't have the same figures of horses etc you showed in the entry. Just a small advice. n_n

Anyhow, nice work done. Could have been much worse ;P

Th1s 1z p!ssing m3 0ff

This so called "Improvement" is n0thing m0re than a b@d j0k3.

A j0k3 that'z p1ssing @ll of us 0ff.


Very well played, and with great timing.