Reviews for "I Like Chinese!"

Proud to be asian

Loved the cute voices at the end!

great animation

good job, I like the artwork you did for the dragon. The firecrackers gave a nice beat to the song, too bad they don't really sound like that haha.


AI <3 Chineez 2!

All the april fool's propoganda aside, this is fun

I have to admit. I know it's all an April Fool's joke, but this was some funny shit. I usually get really bored with AF, but this was perhaps one of the most well-organized AFs that I've ever seen. I am duly impressed. As far as this animation goes, it's actually a really good satire of Chinese propoganda, complete with the US flags on the bombs and everything, with the whole "peaceful China" thing being emphasized. Politically, it is very ironic; China is involved in so many proxy wars throughout all of Africa and so many military spying operations against nearly every other developed nation that they may as well just declare war against a random nation. Most evident in this is the 2008 Olympics; just like every other so-called "peacefully rising" nation in history that turned into a violent war-crazed nation bent on domination, they made every last effort to prove their peoples' superiority through the Olympic Games, spending countless millions in training programs and even some subversive programs to allow the rules to be bent in their favor [questions of underage gymnists, steroid use, and rigged shooting rifles still abound], doing whatever it takes to ensure they win more gold than any other nation.

I doubt it will be long before China eventually decides to take a far more aggressive stance with the world. They're already doing it with Taiwan and Tibet. I just hope when that day comes, that they remember who was the only nation to intervene when the Japanese began taking over the country of China in WWII.

That would be the US. The same country they later would send their soldiers to fight against in the Korean war no more than 7 years later, just to try to force communism into a country that was divided on wanting it or not.

Ok, sorry, tl;dr.

I love the pythons

Well done the animation was great and I really love that song by Eric Idle one of the Pythons!