Reviews for "Deliver That Fulp"


Its a fun game but hard to figure out! Also i LOVE how house's face is a picture for one of the medals ;)


It's kinda difficult because I know what to do it's just the matter of typing it. It doesn't do what I intended it to do.

"great game!"

here's some ways u can get .....
>filthy hands (type in deliver without using gloves)
>hercules (do everything you're supposed to except at the end only type in "pull"
hope this helps :D


it was an awesome game, nice music, I love this type of game where you have to type, only it can be difficult for slow typers.
2 medals I needed some help to figure out what they were but they were close to what i expected, just a tiny bit different, but I got them.
please make more of these games


i love d music <3