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Reviews for "Skuzzlefree"

Hahaha Rock It!

not so cool, not, so bad and not normal but an abnormal parasite that eats everything wat wud happen if he ate all the things in earth :D a nice vid but you really have to improve this video because when your watching it it has no meaning,you just killed a monster no more interesting ideas.I guess it just popped on your mind? thats all(im sorry i just got emotional bout this xD) i guess your improving just be creative !!!cheer up


So a rock beats bullets? My world has been completely flipped!

It seems like everyone's missing the point...

You're getting a lot of "should have been longer" and "he shouldn't been stronger and eaten more stuff!"

I can tell that you were going for that unexpected, abrupt ending, and I have to say that I found it quite funny.

You see this classic monster animation and expect him to eat the dude with the ice-cream cone (considering the monster was unaffected by a frickin tank) and BOOM! It dies from a little rock.

Good stuff.


it started interesting, I was really expecting something from this thing. Far too short and without an interesting conclusion. It would have even been interesting to see that monster eat more random stuff before it was killed by a thrown rock. Or at least a cooler fight between the military and the monster... sorry, but you screwed that cool idea up.


i think that you could make it much better.