Reviews for "Tank Attack"

pretty good game

this is a really good game.

Has lots of potential.

I played this game until level 4 when my fingers started cramping.
Just some things that I reckon would make the game much better:

*Hold the mouse button = full rate of fire
*Tanks drop as many as 10 coins in a scatter format but they give slightly less money
*Sandbox mode, far more replayability
*Slider bars with an icon and description of the enemies you are facing (as they come on)
I had more but Im not thinkin straight atm x)
Overall it seems like a good game, fair bit of potential but it needs a fair bit of tweaking as well. The aim is for maximised fun + replayability not difficulty, cramping and so on.

9/10 and 4/5 d(^.^d)

mofunzone responds:

Your suggestions are great, and we'll include them in the sequel for sure! Thanks!


Real nice. Still no 10/10.
You should consider giving the shop icon a quickbutton.
Also, please fix the ending. I mean... just a picture and woow done... lame..

So thats why no 10/10

Good but repetitive

Good fast responsive game, need more backgrounds and objectives. Good Job.

Fun but...

Maybe make the bosses drop money every once and a while, so that you aren't screwed when you are fighting the boss a lvl 17 and you have no money. And next time add a function that lets you sell your old weapons. FUn though and highly addicting.