Reviews for "Tank Attack"


hope this gets past judgement!
big fan of your site btw!!

mofunzone responds:

Thanks man! :)
Please contact me anytim!


I like it.

Great Game!

A few flaws though...

Some say it's "Too tough" or gets "Hard early" it doesn't! You just need to find some skill! (also healing when at half health or less helps!)

Love the weapons, and the enemies, and my favorite wave that I reached, was wave 9, all just "noob" tanks, and let me tell yah, groups of noobs = PWN...

I made it to wave 10! due to me just not having any money, and being swarmed by strong enemies...

Love the game, but here are a few "flaws" I have found:

1. Some shop things are a bit over pricey, such as a new weapon slot... come on.. 5,000 coins? (maybe it could be decreased a bit?)
2. The reload system is a bit strange... I would call it a COOL DOWN system, not because it reloads to the max by pressing a button, but just waiting for it to recharge... (meh, not really a "flaw" just something that bugs me -_-)
3. The shop should be activated after every round, rather than you having to press it every time you want to use it... though having it available at all times is good, I would like it if it would open after each round too... to sorta give you a break, and such...

Great job on this again, love your work Mo,


mofunzone responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! and for liking the game. The sequel will have your suggestions king.



the game is simply awesome, one of the greatest games, good graphics, good sounds, diversified... RECCOMEND


Got to lv. 8. Couldn't get out of boss laser in time...
Great Job
Good challenging game
There aren't enough truly difficult games like this. Plz make more!