Reviews for "Tank Attack"

Good, but Difficult

It's really fun, but the fact that not all enemies drop cash and that enemy's are constantly getting stronger (addition of enemies is fine, but increasing HP is annonying) makesthis game pretty difficult, maybe not for others, but for me it is quite difficult. Another thing was that once you got to around Stage 6, the enemies quickly became overwhelming, there were just too many things to keep my eyes on an I kept losing track of my tank.

Overall, it's good, but a little bit too difficult.

Very Cool

Dude this game is awsome!!! I loved it! It's the most icredible game of action I ever played!!! 10stars!!!!
I also liked the idea of making a sequel.
Not that this is an offense, but it's to hard for me... XD It still ROCKS!!

4th upgrade

for some reason i never got any of them

it was pretty good

i liked it but i would have liked to been able to save or at least have a continue

Tank Attack.

Tank attack is pretty much an arcade game where you control a little red tank and must kill a bunch of other vehicles.

The game play is alright. you use WSAD to move and 1 and 2 to switch weapons, while using your mouse to move the cannon around and shoot.
You must survive the amount of time given in each stage. you have to destroy all the incoming tanks so they don't destroy you. The higher stage you are, the tougher the tanks. you also have to defeat bosses
the game has a nice amount of upgrades. you can speed up your tank,get more hp,and get other weapons like lasers.

it feels like this game is missing a few things though. There should be atleast different tanks you can control or in different colors. Plus there should obstacles around to move around . like rocks or trees.

I've found a bug also. I switched the laser to an exotic and it still shot a laser. >_>

but over all, Tank attack is a pretty fun game. you won't get bored and nothing in the game can make you want to stop playing. 8/10